Tennis Success

Winning in Tennis starts between Your Ears! It’s true, improving the mental aspect of your tennis is the easiest and quickest way to transform yourself into a much better tennis player in the shortest period of time. Ask any of the top tennis players in the world, and they will all tell you, “What goes on between your ears, in other words, your mind-set, applies not only to your success in tennis but to everything else in life as well. It is what defines you on and off the court.“ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just wanted to take the time to update you briefly. Our CD’s arrived on Thursday, literally about 20 minutes prior to our departure for the tournament my son was playing in. We listened to them several times (10 hr. drive). I was so delighted that they arrived as I wanted them specifically for him to listen to BEFORE this tournament. Already the CD’s have made a difference! He controlled his emotions better than at any tournament before. (He is an excellent tennis player physically and technically, but his weakness has been emotional, which then causes his game to suffer.) So, he was able himself to notice a great difference and is very encouraged! We told him that this is just the beginning of many improvements he is going to see as a result of being able to “control” his emotions & thoughts & focus better. THANK YOU for assuring that we received our order! Sincerely, Eric Mathis Hello, and welcome to myBestTennis! My name is Hassan Refay, and I'm a German sports psychologist. I live and work as a mental toughness trainer, in Florida, just minutes away from the IMG Academies and I love helping talented junior, high school, college and young professional tennis players, both in person, over the phone and through my mental toughness programs. I started developing mental toughness programs for tennis players, as well as other sports and athletes about 18 years ago, when my own son, Andre, who was one of the best junior players in Germany received a full scholarship, and I received a job offer as a sports psychologist from the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida.